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Although we are indeed an approved Volkswagen Service and Repairer, we are thrilled to be able to offer a friendly and reliable service to all of the great model's in the Volkswagen range. 

For over 40 years, we have dedicated our time to customers, ensuring they are in the best possible hands for any servicing, MOT or repair work required. That's why we are proud to be one of the favourite garages situated on the south coast. 

Please take a look at our available service below and we will look forward to hearing from you soon.


Whether you have an up! or Touareg, we can service all of the Volkswagen range. With a range of service plans available to suit your needs, we will ensure you and your car are well looked after.

Electric Vehicles

We know times are changing and that more electric cars are now on the road. That's why we have installed the latest technology to look after your electric car and have charging points available within our garage. 


Depending on your car usage, weather or just simply a puncture, you may be required to change or repair a tyre. We offer all services in relation to tyres and offer guidance on how to ensure you stay safe throughout the year. 


We offer full repair work, small or large on all makes and models of vehicles. We make sure our customers are walked through the whole process and will ensure that the appropriate work is carried out with your approval. 


The importance of value for money is something we pride ourselves on and we therefore offer one of the cheapest M.O.T.s services with the area. Our highly trained technicians will ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. 

Parts and Merchandise

Buying genuine parts for your vehicle is so important for ongoing maintenance. It can be tempting to purchase 'cheap' alternatives online however we offer a wide range of genuine parts to not cause any unnecessary damage to your vehicle. 

Car Mechanic
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